City of Stockholm

6 december, 2016

Changing Their Space

The Bigbelly team is excited for the most recent customer changing their space under the guidance of EWF, our International Distribution Partner for Sweden. While the team at HQ was busy enjoying turkey dinner and giving thanks the week before last, the EWF team was busy with a monumental new deployment in the City of Stockholm! After a pilot in one of the busiest pedestrian areas of the city, the Bigbelly system successfully showcased its measureable benefits to encourage a larger, more meaningful deployment across Stockholm. First to earn the title of the European Green Capital, Stockholm inspires others to achieve a more sustainable, green, innovative environment for the growing population.
The city continues on their mission to build a sustainable, smart, and clean city. They needed a new technology platform to achieve success on this mission when it came to public space waste. Scaling their Bigbelly deployment is a step in the right direction for a city on the forefront of innovation and sustainable practices. The Bigbelly system is deployed in surrounding areas with great success and supported the city’s initial pilot as a catalyst for growth in key areas of the city. Continuing this week, the smart waste system continues to be installed among the marquee city streets of Stockholm.
The inauguration of the scaled smart waste deployment for Stockholm included a ribbon cutting ceremony by local Stockholm politicians accompanied by local media. The local city of Uppsala, Sweden graciously imported their “Smart Waste Choir” for the ceremony to show the united front of smart waste practices among the forward-looking leaders in the country. Good tidings of giving were in the air as EWF brought holiday joy and warmth to the community during the ceremony with an extra thoughtful gesture that cannot go unmentioned. Each unit deployed on the streets of Stockholm included a warm fleece blanket to keep the less fortune of the community warm this winter season. The community will be warm this holiday while enjoying their cleaner and greener public spaces.
We are eager to see the City of Stockholm’s continued success with their scaled smart waste system and congratulate our partner, EWF, on their great brand and relationship building with this key account in Scandinavia!

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Kolding kommun fick positiva testresultat

Arbetstiden som är sparande har istället använts för att samla skräp på gatorna. Under vintern har Kolding Kommun testat dom smarta papperskorgarna i centrala delar och resultet är positivt. Testet har minskat antalet tömningar med 90 procent.

Helsingør papperskorg
Helsingør samlar skräp i öppen miljö med Bigbelly

Helsingør har under två år placerat ut 48 stycken smarta Bigbellys som varje dag hjälper kommunen att effektivera skräphanteringen – genom att öka kapaciteten och meddela när tömning skall ske. Under bara två månader har Helsingør samlat in över 770.000 liter skräp på utvalda platser i kommunen.

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