Smart solutions for sustainable cities

EWF Eco offers solutions in the Smart City segment with benefits for visitors, the environment and business. We represent Bigbelly Solar and ECO Charge in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Clean smart waste

Smart waste bins

Bigbelly is a successful cloud-based platform with connected, smart trash cans that enable greater capacity and fewer fundraisers without connection to power grids.

Charging cabinet

Charging cabinet for safe storage and charging of batteries. Here you get a practical meeting place that facilitates both safety and fire protection work for you as a property owner.
ECO Charge

ECO Lock

A smart lock adapted for Bigbellys all devices. Here you can choose which keys have access and see event logs of use - Completely without power supply.

ECO Sound

Interact with Bigbellys users by playing a melody or telling anyone who has thrown their rubbish in the right place. You can update and schedule audio files from the office.

Telescopic vessels

Designed to create a sustainable collection of rubbish. This is a telescopic vessel with wheels that minimizes heavy lifting over the head. Adapted for both manual and mechanical emptying.
What do our partners do?

In addition to our products, we also offer various types of financing, insurance, rental services, spare parts, repairs, preventive maintenance and service agreements. 

The breadth and flexibility of the offering means that our solutions can be tailored to each customer's needs to maximize operation and productivity.


Welcome ECO Charge

In September 2022, a merger of Vindico Security, whose primary business is battery charging cabinets, was completed. Vindico now continues under the new ECO Charge brand presented by EWF Eco AB. 

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What do our partners say?
City of BoråsMikael Barsk, Construction Engineer
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The City of Borås is conducting a long-term work against littering, proof of this is that we have won the Stay Sweden Clean Municipality of the Year, 4 years in a row. Bigbelly is part of this long-term work.
City of Stockholm Traffic OfficeReport for evaluation of Bigbelly
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The City of Stockholm's advice to other cities is to dare to test the system. The city has experienced that the system streamlines the work of emptying the trash baskets, that transport has decreased and perceived purity has increased.
City of HelsingborgAndreas Hall, Development Engineer
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With the help of technology, we can quickly fix any errors that occur and better plan our work. In the long run, this initiative may mean that more things in our public environment will be connected to the internet.
Sundbyberg CityMats Grönvik, Lanskapsingenjör
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We can track the status of the recycle bins in real time via a mobile app or website that tells you how much junk is in each container. It allows us to empty them just when needed.
SDF NorrmalmBo Höglund, City of Stockholm
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It saves time, money and brings reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, we have increased the number of solar powered bins to 122. You will find them in Vasastan, kungsholmen and Östermalm. They seem appreciated, residents call and tell us that they work great and that they extoll solar power.
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