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Bigbelly, Include & Enevo

We offer you smart solutions that benefit both business, environment and visitors with benefits that help you keep track of your devices and its status indications. We represent Bigbelly, Include and Enevo in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Contact us and we will help you!

Some of our customers


Solar-powered waste bin with compactor

Bigbelly's platform reports the status and filling level of each unit directly to those responsible for more efficient planning, saving collection costs, transportation and CARBON emissions. Bigbelly can easily be moved or add advanced technology driven by solar energy and also designed to blend in or stand out. Bigbelly holds a whopping 570 litres of debris on the same surface as a traditional trash can. Want to know more?


Sensors for waste

With Enevo, you can optimize collection, reduce overcrowded containers, minimize mandatory resources and costs, reduce visits, verify discharges, reduce complaints, streamline customer service, create more productive operations and increase sustainability over time.


Innovative park bench

Park furniture from Include is the ideal for smart cities and provides a marked refresh of the surroundings. Smart benches that reuse solar energy for the bench's functions, wireless Wi-Fi and charging mobile devices.

Miljösäck eco variant

Transparent garbage bags

Are you looking for a greener environment with lower CO2? We have developed a specially designed garbage bag that is durable and consists of 100% recycled plastic that has lower environmental impact. The environmental bags are transparent and are adapted to the Bigbelly stations.

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