ECO Line


Circular economy

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we have now launched an ECO Line concept with a focus on extended life, reuse & recycling for the solutions we offer.

One explanation of the concept of the circular economy could be to generate economic growth with as few non-renewable resources as possible. For us, it is important that sustainability thinking permeates the entire organisation and everything we do.

1. Service agreement

Improves function and longevity through regularly scheduled service visits.

2. Renovation

Proactively extend the life cycle of existing devices through the replacement of essential parts.

3. Recycling

Possibility to choose recycled and restored units instead of new ones.

4. Recycling

Return of used units to EWF Eco for proper recycling of all materials.


Influencing the global footprint

One of the aims of ECO Line is to offer long-life solutions that can be easily dismantled, refurbished, upgraded and recycled.

With this concept, we help our customers to think circularly. Our aim is to maximise lifetime and reduce the global footprint. 

Responsibility from start to finish

We're there before and after establishment and see every relationship as a long-term partnership. With our extensive experience, we can provide the knowledge to best optimise the system and create value for your business.


From words to action

With our ECO Line concept, we move from words to action with the ambition to take responsibility from start to finish. We help you as a partner to guide you towards a more sustainable future through wise ecological choices. Want to know more?

Let's work together!

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