Even more smart trash cans in Alingsås


Even more solar-powered trash cans and självkommunicerande in Alingsås!

The new generation of trash cans in Alingsås has now been in use, evaluated and tested. The containers are called Bigbelly, which is a platform for smarter spam handling. Alingsås has at present six smart trash cans that are strategically placed in parks and squares where the municipality in the press release says:

"We have been very pleased with the trash cans we've had and those who are working to drain them receive information direct to their mobile phones when the garbage needs to be retrieved. Moreover, we notice that people are using garbage cans for more and throw more rubbish in them. Now we are thinking about buying even more, "says Ake Aronsson is the municipality's project manager for the infrastructure.


Art.nr: BBS-BB5HE