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Smart City waste management

Bigbellys CLEAN The Management Console enables you to make both real-time and long-term decisions about your waste collection. 

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CLEAN: Real-time analysis

CLEAN The online smart bin platform offers municipalities an efficient waste management solution. It provides real-time status, monitors fill levels, generates thermal images, sends notifications, and provides online reports and overviews. This innovative technology can revolutionize waste management systems and create cleaner and more sustainable urban environments.

Instrument panel

The dashboard in CLEAN provides a quick overview of container status, real-time information on emptying, and an overview history of waste volumes, diversion rate, reduction in collection and greenhouse gas savings with deeper analysis available through the navigation menu.


CLEAN is a complete waste management solution that provides tools for efficient management of waste collection in a fleet of waste containers. It offers real-time fill status, automated notifications and reports to ensure efficient collection.

Waste disposal

CLEAN enables efficient bin management with GPS location, historical data, in-depth diagnostic tools, and easy configuration via the software console and mobile app installation and configuration.

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Status indications

CLEAN provides accurate information on the real-time status of each bin, including whether it is empty or full, helping you to optimize waste collection.

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CLEAN generates thermal images that show the location of the most used waste bins. This allows municipalities to optimize the placement of bins and waste collection.

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Report template

CLEAN offers detailed reports on bin usage and provides an online overview of waste collection vehicles, helping you to plan and optimize waste collection.

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Fill levels

With CLEAN , you can easily monitor the fill levels of your bins and schedule waste collection based on actual demand, reducing unnecessary resources.

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Automated notifications

CLEAN sends automatic notifications to those responsible when the bins reach a certain fill level or if there is a technical problem, allowing for quick action.

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You can access CLEAN at any time, via the mobile app for iOS and Android devices as well as via the browser.

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