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Track and drain

CLEAN collects all the information about each unit in order to provide higher productivity and awareness in the area. Cloud-based software support that provides complete statistics of collected data from the BigBelly devices.

Better decision base

You can by CLEAN see and set the level of the fill indicator both when and how it should notify responsible for emptying. This provides a better basis for the planning of personnel and transports that handle flushments.


BigBelly is an innovative platform with over 50.000 units in 54 countries that communicates and creates a sustainable handling of debris in the public space without connection to electricity grids. The devices report their status and fill level directly to the maintainers for more efficient route planning. BigBelly HC has 5-8 times more capacity than a traditional trash basket and provides space for 570 liters of uncompressed debris at the same size. The platform provides added value for both the business, the environment and the visitors.

Molntjänst papperskorg

Fill Levels

You can choose which level the fill indicator will alarm in each vessel to notify personnel of emptying and facilitate work.


Heatmaps helps you to see the measurement of activity in the area in order to more easily establish and execute effective decisions about the handling of debris.

Status indications

With the cloud service CLEAN, you can take advantage of the data collected and get a status indication of when, where and how to empty ing.

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