Smart Recycle Bins in Stockholm

Service contract

Already at the time of purchasing a new Bigbelly by signing a service agreement, you can ensure that your unit is sought after on the day it is time to sell. A unit that is always serviced on time, by specialists – highly valued. The security of reusing where everything works as new is most buyers willing to pay extra for.


Design & Formgivning

Together with you, we develop ideas and develop our thoughts to adapt them to the purpose. We arrange all the criteria and create the necessary documentation in the manufacturing process of your units. 



When funding with us, we adapt the solution together with you so it suits your investment, your mission and the purposes that you have. This makes it easy for you to run the business and continue to have a modern and well-functioning machinery. We offer affordable rental arrangements for those who wish to return the unit after the contract period. Without connections, you can also buy the devices via invoicing. Simple!

Let's work together!

Customer service: +46 (0)10-495 24 95
Head office: Vallbyvägen 22, 76251 Rimbo, Sweden
Mon-Fri: 07:30-16:30