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Referenser 3

Good results for Uppsala with Bigbelly

Uppsala chose to invest in the solar-powered refuse handling system Bigbelly with the aim of improving the local environment through fewer collections and cleaner public spaces. Since the introduction of the system, the amount of rubbish visible in the main park and surrounding larger parks has fallen by 20 percent.

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Helsingør papperskorg

Helsingør tidies its open spaces with Bigbelly

Over the past two years, Helsingør has deployed 48 smart Bigbelly units, which have helped the municipality streamline its garbage handling – Garbage collection capacity has been increased and the bins themselves report when they need emptying. In two months, Helsingør collected over 770,000 litres of rubbish at selected locations in the municipality.

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Referenser 5

Positive results for Kolding Municipality

The Bigbelly units save time, which can instead be used to collect rubbish in the streets. During the winter, Kolding Municipality tested the bins in central areas and the results have been positive. The test reduced the number of collections by 90 percent.

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Referenser 6

Randers sees a 95% reduction in collections

Birds disappeared from the cityscape and the streets were cleaner and demanded less maintenance. Sound modules were also installed in the Bigbelly bins, which are activated during use to increase interaction with visitors.

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Molntjänst Papperskorg

Ten benefits of Bigbelly's connected bins and how the system can help you

In a 5-year period, the costs of the operation for emptying bins have decreased from 1,560,000 to £260,000 and CO2 emissions have fallen from 6.9 tonnes to 2.2 tonnes. With Bigbelly, litter capacity has increased, productivity in the business has increased, the number of drains and the number of shipments has decreased – on the same surface as before.

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Referenser 9

Malmö gets new modern bins from Bigbelly

Bigbelly is coming to central Malmö! The rubbish that visitors throw in the bins will be compressed using solar energy and the bin itself will report when it's time for emptying. The bins are also completely sealed which means fewer pests and less garbage in the canal.

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