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Welcome to our customer case archive page! Here you will find an extensive collection of successful projects we have carried out with our clients. Our case studies allow you to see real-life examples of how we have helped companies achieve their goals and solve challenges in various industries.

Copenhagen Airport implements Bigbelly

Bigbellys smart waste & recycling takes off at airports around the world! From Singapore to Copenhagen to NYC distributes Bigbelly lower operating costs, achieve sustainability goals and create a clean, safe and comfortable passenger experience.

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Helsingør Trash

Helsingør collects rubbish in an open environment with Bigbelly

Helsingør has for two years deployed 48 smart Bigbellys which every day helps the municipality to improve the efficiency of litter handling – by increasing capacity and notifying when emptying will take place. In just two months, Helsingør has collected over 770,000 litres of rubbish at selected locations in the municipality.

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