Charging cabinets for bicycle batteries

Charging cabinet for bicycle batteries

ECO Charge designs charging cabinets for the safe storage and charging of primarily bicycle batteries. Here you get a practical meeting place that facilitates both in terms of safety and fire protection work for you as a property owner. 

Charging station

Charging the battery in a public environment

With integrated power outlets on each shelf, you can charge mobile batteries. For example, laptops, tablets, mobile phones or bicycle batteries. Each charging station has good ventilation for the best possible battery environment.

Storage cabinets

Increased theft protection with customised locks
Our charging cabinets have a robust and well thought-out design with recessed hinges and separate locks. You can choose between a padlock bell, key lock, electronic code lock or app lock that you can unlock with your phone.

Meeting place

Facilitate fire protection work

As a property owner, you can promote existing fire safety (SBA) and limit fire damage. This is achieved through a convenient, controlled collection point for portable batteries in your property - called ECO Charge.

ECO Charge 1

Convenient battery storage, both indoors and outdoors

ECO Charge combines charging station, secure storage and smart locks. This gives you function, security and technology that can be used as needed. We have models of charging cabinets with three to twelve charging slots, with each slot accommodating both battery and charger. We have charging cabinets designed for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Our charging cabinets

ECO Charge 2

Vindico Security's business area "Secure Charging Cabinets" was merged into the sister company EWF ECO AB as of 1 September 2022, where Vindico operates under the new brand ECO Charge. Our charging cabinets can be found below! 


3 or 6 charging points
ECO Charge 3

A smooth lightweight with good ventilation and locks as needed. Mounted on a wall but can also be placed on a bench. 


5 or 12 charging points
ECO Charge 4

An indoor locker that can withstand tougher environments. This charging cabinet has a built-in fan to optimise the battery environment. 


8 charging points
ECO Charge 5
This loading cabinet is equipped with a thermostatically controlled heating element, good ventilation and automatic drainage.
Locking options

In addition to the aforementioned locks, our charging cabinets can be customised to your requirements. Both manual and electronic. Connect and integrate into existing or new access control systems. Please contact us for more information, a demonstration or a discussion.

Key lock
Key lock

A very common locking system where two keys are supplied with each lock as standard. It is often possible to have the cylinders in systems, i.e. with one or more levels of master keys. This is a cost-effective choice, but it requires the management and administration of keys and the replacement of cylinders if keys are lost.

Padlock bell
Padlock bell

A simple cost-effective solution that puts the responsibility on the user. This option allows the user to choose their own padlock and its security. Which can make it easier for you as the owner of the locker. The blade is adapted for padlocks with shackles up to six millimetres.

Electronic code lock
Electronic code lock

An electronic code lock that can be used in two ways depending on the purpose. Choose between private or public mode, where you can choose to use the same code for a longer period of time or select a new code for each opening.

RFID lock
RFID lock

This solution is similar to the electronic code locks, but allows you to open and lock the desired charging location using an RFID card instead. It is also possible to use existing cards (if MIFARE type) or to create a completely new system.

Smart locks
App lock

With this solution, the user can open and lock the desired charging station using his smartphone. The lock design is standalone, battery powered and does not require an internet connection. The lock is linked to the desired app provider for permissions.

Not sure which charging cabinet works for you?

ECO Charge are available in different series depending on the desired location and security level. There are models of charging cabinets with three to twelve charging slots, where each charging slot holds both the battery and the charger.

Please note that the cabinet itself has no fire protection. However, it can be an important part of fire protection work as it allows batteries to be stored where damage in a fire is minimised.

We also make customer-specific solutions and develop products according to customer specifications. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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