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February 17, 2015

Sustainable urban development is measured with a smart garbage can

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Brunkebergstorg proves that temporary architecture inspires a new use

A claim tested by the city of Stockholm “Temporary architecture in the urban development context, can inspire new use of the city and can view opportunities to influence and alter the conditions of urban life”. During the period June 27th – 31: A September 2014, an estimated over 55 000 people visited the little forgotten Brunkeberg Square. The idea was to create an urban backyard of the ingredients Organic street food, recyclable architecture, location-specific installations and the site was activated during the period with various public programs.

In the park on the square are three Big Belly Solar, solar-powered trash cans that compress the contents of the container if necessary, thereby increasing the collection volume up to 6 times. -Without visiting the site, the statistics in our analysis tool CLEAN that something in the square was not as usual, says EWF's sales manager Richard Pålsson. – The reported statistics could not be reconciled with a holiday slumbering square between bank palaces. I had to go there and check what had happened.

In the square was project manager Alexander Wolfe, who talked about the summer setup and the report that the event would lead to. When he realized that there was data collected for the entire period that could measure changes in the pattern of use at the site, there were A great interest in exploiting that information in the evaluation of Brunkebergstorg 2014. The report in CLEAN for the number of compacting on the device closest to the restaurant gave an estimated increase of 1000% of throughput during the period, confirming that the temporary architecture inspires new use. The goal of the project was to use site activation to explore and change ways of thinking about what is possible to do in the city's public space. – I can attest that when analysing the statistics from CLEAN, I saw a change that in my thought world was impossible and could only be explained by technical failure of our devices. The project has transformed my thought world into what is possible. Says Richard.

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