Receives framework agreement with Uppsala Municipality

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EWF ECO AB continues the expansion of BigBelly in Uppsala Municipality with smart, solar-powered and compatting garbage bins.

We are proud to gain additional confidence and now continue the expansion of BigBelly in Uppsala. The new framework agreement is valid for 4 years and has a calculated value of SEK 6-12 million during the term of the agreement, which includes our smart, solar-powered and compounding waste bins for wastes and recycling. Uppsala currently has over 400 PCs of smart, communicating garbage bins from BigBelly Solar and is expected to increase during 2018.

The Platform BigBelly

Stations keep waste safe from pests, and reports their fill level to managers when the stations need to be emptied. Thereby increasing productivity because staff do not need to go out unnecessarily. In addition to the obvious benefits that cleaner public spaces, more efficient garbage management, lower costs and environmental benefits can reduce the waste stream.

No pests

By keeping the waste contained in Bigbelly, the system helps to keep public environments cleaner and better looking. No overcrowded bins, no visible garbage or debris blowing around and attracting rats and birds.

Environmental savings

The system also contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. BigBelly creates cleaner, greener and safer pedestrian streets through reduced truck traffic, reduced noise and fewer congestion.

EWF ECO has the business model to introduce, establish and deliver smart Green & Sustainable solutions to public and commercial partners in the Nordics primarily. EWF ECO has its head office in Rimbo, Norrtälje municipality and is the exclusive distributor for BigBelly Solar INC and Steora. In addition to Sweden, the agencies also include Finland & Norway, where we now have over 1500 units placed in service.

Call us at 010-495 24 95 for more information

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