FAQ BigBelly

001. How long can BigBelly High Capacity without sunlight?

Bigbelly High Capacity can handle up to 4 weeks without sunlight

002. How long is the delivery time?

Our standard delivery time is 3-6 weeks, but if you have the need for faster delivery, please contact responsible for a delivery & cost proposal.

003. How do klotterskyddet?

Klotterskyddet is active by ordered spot that is mounted on the vertical surfaces. While cleaning with the specified funds (see link) can you after 10 minutes of action to remove graffiti with a cloth or water.

004. can you empty the Bigbelly with vascular users/garbage truck?

Yes, provided that you use rullkärlet which has telescoping. Read more here!

005. How do I order the simplest bags and accessories?

It's easiest to order accessories and replacement parts are directly in our online shop where you can also see a wider range of products and news!

007. can I sign up for service contracts?

Agreement for service and maintenance, you can subscribe via your contact person at EWF ECO AB. see link contact persons

008. can I toss junk while the device compresses?

Yes. Bigbelly has a design that allows you to throw away garbage without getting access to the compactor.

009. is it possible to anchor the Bigbellyn directly into the ground?

Bigbelly can be anchored directly in the ground by means of a mounting plate for optimal hold. This is sent with each unit upon delivery.

015. Work Bigbellyn all year round?

BigBellys units works 365 days a year, provided that the investments comply with the requirements of the solar cell.

016. How long is the warranty on the products?

When buying factory new units we leave the 2 year factory warranty as you can extend through us!

017. can I get help with developing a design?

We will be happy to assist you from concept to finished product!

018. do I have to install a program on your computer?

Our software is cloud-based upon the browser and requires no software installed on your computer. The software is also available for mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

019. When you register online, you must not fill in billing information. Will it when ordering?

Billing information and levereransadress is filled in upon completion of the order, and then saved in the memory for future orders.

021. Snow-covered solar cell, how long can it?

Bigbelly High Capacity can handle up to 4 weeks without sunlight