Green Easter in Falkenberg and Jönköping!


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Two cities that start Easter with a system test by BigBelly
Jönköping and Falkenberg are coming from Easter onwards that at central locations Test 5 units of the solar-powered compression BigBelly Solar.
The area in which the paper baskets are exhibited will be evaluated before, during and after BigBelly. During the period, the software prepares Clean reports showing statistics of value on a map.
"It's great that we have the opportunity to do the test in Jönköping," says Richard Pålsson, marketing manager for EWF ECO. We met Kjell Svensson under Nordic Rail at Elmia and he tipped Mathias Johansson, Operations Manager, technical office that we would participate in keep Sweden Rents municipality days with a system that would suit the cities and beaches of Jönköping municipality. Now 5 months later it is up to proof to get as good results as at Liseberg last summer.
– When we were to carry out an evaluation of the system, it was a balancing of the placement, says Mathias Johansson We have three cities within the municipality and the question was whether we would show off the paper baskets of all or gather them to evaluate an area. After a discussion with the supplier, we concluded that the most accurate data will be if we concentrate on an area of high throughput when it is beautiful weather.
To be able to evaluate the system on a smaller number of units, it is important to choose a concentrated area with a certain type of debris and visitor frequency.

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