Sustainability policy

Our business contributes and strengthens the following world goals

Thinking about sustainability is a must for the world in which we live. Mr The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals show important areas in relation to the challenges we all face.

In connection with our solutions, we want to present supportive elements that strengthen you in the face of our common challenges. 

Sustainability policy 1

Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure

Through innovation, we will deliver the safest and most user-friendly solutions on the market.

Sustainability policy 2

Sustainable cities and communities

We work closely with cities and public stakeholders to develop smart solutions tailored to their needs. 

Sustainability policy 3

Combating climate change

We develop solutions that reduce transport needs and cut carbon emissions.


EWF ECO customers' requirements, expectations and needs. This requires that we deliver services with the right quality, at the right time and at the right price. Quality issues should have a prominent place in EWF ECO's operations.

We will actively inform and educate our employees and stakeholders. The CEO ensures that the policy is understood within the company, measures and evaluates the performance of the company's quality efforts and works with continuous improvements. We will work systematically to improve our services, be proactive, provide motivated and knowledgeable staff and have a high level of service and availability. This creates good references for further business and gives rise to good customer relations.

Employees are expected to actively contribute with their professionalism and commitment to create high quality and strive for continuous improvement. Furthermore, quality work should be well anchored in all companies' organizations through appropriate training, clear instructions and commitment and requirements from staff and other stakeholders.


A good working environment is too EWF ECO investment for the future. Our idea is that the quality of our services and quality of the working environment are two components that need to work together. We believe that a good working environment is a prerequisite for satisfied customers. We strive for our services to improve the customer's working environment.

Good working environment is characterized by:

  • a safe and secure work situation
  • satisfied and healthy employees – low staff turnover
  • preventing ill-health and accidents
  • that the business's objectives and strategies are well known by all
  • clear leadership where responsibilities and powers are defined at all levels
  • information, knowledge and development for all
  • equal value, regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability
  • that work should provide job satisfaction, community and personal development in a work organisation characterised by respect to each other
  • high quality and efficiency at work
  • adaptation of working conditions to people's different conditions in physical, mental and social terms
  • that routines for rehabilitation and work adaptation are
  • that the company discourages bullying and abusive discrimination


EWF ECO 's goal is to make all the work with the best results to the least possible environmental impact. We have a positive effect on the environment by offering solutions that reduce the customer's environmental impact. We shall in all respects conduct the business with limited environmental impact with regard to financial and technical resources, current legislation and other requirements.

EWF ECO always strive to take responsibility for the environment and stay one step ahead. We follow developments closely and adapt the technology. We intend that the customer will be able to save the environment as well as money. Employees are expected to actively contribute with their professionalism and commitment to reduce environmental impact and strive for continuous improvements and prevent pollution. Environmental issues should have a prominent place in the EWF ECO 's activities.

We shall:

  • actively inform and educate our employees and stakeholders.
  • constantly seek new working methods and new materials and chemicals in order to improve the environment. We shall meet our customers' special requirements. This creates good references for further business and gives rise to good customer relations.
  • work to reduce waste consumption by offering customer solutions that involve the prevention and restoration of destroyed property

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