Include Steora

Innovative park furniture

Park furniture from Include is ideal for smart cities and provides a significant lift to its surroundings. These smart benches use solar energy to power features including wireless wifi and mobile device charging. The benches come in two different designs and have a number of different options.

Smarta sensorer

Smart sensors

Steora has built-in sensors that detect temperature, humidity, energy production and consumption as well as the number of users of charging and Wi-Fi.



Steora supports the charging of mobile devices, both via an induction plate and two USB sockets.

Trådlöst nätverk


Steora provide a wireless Wi-Fi network which visitors can use to access the internet.


Include 9

New stub-out zones in Malmö

The stub-out zones have been a success in both Borås and Malmö with many users! This winter, Malmö added eight new units with built-in seat heaters for increased use all year round.

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