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27 February, 2017

Collection of 112 million liters of rubbish last year

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Bigbelly Unveils Top 2016 Successes for Optimized Collections & Recycling Diversion
Needham, MA / February 7, 2017 – Bigbelly, Inc., the world leading Smart City Solutions Provider specializing in smart waste and recycling systems, revealed that a total of 112,119,235 gallons of public space waste was successfully contained in their connected systems last year. Bigbelly is proud to empower customers across fifty countries to manage this core city service in a smarter, data-driven, sustainable manner while creating the cleaner, more desirable streetscapes of today and tomorrow.
Bigbelly’s Global Impact on Public Space Waste in 2016 by the Numbers:

  • Total waste captured across all waste streams: 112,119,235 gallons (424,417,473 liters)
  • Total recycling and compost captured: 17,440,225 gallons (66,018,433 liters)
  • Most optimized collection routine with smart system:
    • Top Municipal: 99% average efficiency in collections
    • Top Higher Education: 91% average efficiency in collections
  • Highest diversion ratio of meaningful deployments:
    • Top Municipal: 66% of waste diverted from landfill
    • Top Higher Education: 68% of waste diverted from landfill


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