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Everything less clutter on Uppsala's streets

In August conducted Uppsala municipality a debris measurement both in the park and on the street. Poll shows that there is less clutter than 2016. In the park, the number of garbage per ten square meters from 3.26 to 1.03 (68.4%) and on the street from 7.53 to 4.93 (34.5%). Cigarette butts are still the most common litter and the municipality are planning a campaign to reduce the number of cigarette butts thrown on the ground.

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Bins in the City be equipped with the R8

Now put the city in a lot of effort into vulnerable areas. It focuses primarily on large garbage bins in the inner city and on hard-hit community in the suburbs. We have seen that the rats are increasing and have to find other ways to combat the rats. Rats often gravitate to the dumpsters, so now we assemble grazing stations on garbage bins.

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