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Customer case

Randers sees a 95% reduction in collections

Birds disappeared from the cityscape and the streets were cleaner and demanded less maintenance. In the new Bigbelly bins, built-in sound modules were also installed that are activated during use to increase the interaction with the visitors.

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Helsingør Recycle Bin
Customer case

Helsingør collects rubbish in open spaces with Bigbelly

Over the past two years, Helsingør has deployed 48 smart Bigbelly units which have helped the municipality streamline its garbage handling – by increasing capacity and notifying when emptying is required. During the course of only two months, Helsingør collected over 770,000 litres of rubbish at selected locations in the municipality.

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Customer case

Uppsala Municipality compiles Bigbelly

Uppsala has chosen to invest in the solar-powered refuse handling system Bigbelly with the aim of improving the environment in the municipality through reduced collections and cleaner public spaces around the bins. Since we introduced the system, the visible rubbish in the main park, Stadsträdgården, and surrounding larger parks has fallen by 20 percent. A contributing factor may also be the placement of the bins themselves.

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