Contact persons

Per Järnebrink

Per Lindholm
Chief Operating Officer

By Duvner
Regional Manager mälardalen + nORRLAND

Jimmy Björkman
Marketing Manager

Mats Thorsjö
Regional Manager South Australia

Carina Henriksson
Regional Manager Western Canada

Christopher Blomberg
Production and Logistics Manager

Joakim Kouru
Service technician

Anki Iron Brink
Finance Department

Ronnie Rambeck Zimling
Sales Director, Denmark


Head Office Sweden
Vallbyvägen 22, 76251 Rimbo
Bill of exchange number: + 46 (0) 10-4952495

Sale Norway:
Phone number: + 46 (0) 10-4952475

Sales In Denmark:
Phone number: 89880820

Sales Finland:
Phone number: + 46 (0) 10-4952475

Showroom Sweden
Fancy farm Street 8, 11218 Stockholm

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