Good references for further good customer relations

EWF ECO shall meet customer requirements, expectations and needs. This presupposes that we deliver services of the right quality, at the right time and at the right price. Quality issues should have a prominent place within EWF ECO's operations.

We will actively inform and educate our employees and stakeholders. The CEO ensures that the policy is understood within the company, measures and evaluates the performance of the company's quality efforts and works with continuous improvement. We will work systematically to improve our services, be proactive, provide motivated and knowledgeable staff, and have a high level of service and availability. This creates good references for further business and gives rise to good customer relations.

Employees are expected to actively contribute their professionalism and commitment to create high quality and strive for continuous improvement. Furthermore, quality work must be well-anchored in all company organisations through appropriate training, clear instructions and commitment and demands from staff and other stakeholders.


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