Best results to the lowest possible environmental impact

EWF ECO's goal is to make all work with the best results to the smallest possible environmental impact. We have a positive effect on the environment by offering solutions that reduce the customer's environmental impact. In all respects, we shall conduct the business with a limited environmental impact, taking into account economic and technical resources and the legislation and other requirements in force.

EWF ECO strives to always take responsibility for the environment and stay ahead. We follow the development carefully and environmental adapt the technology. We intend that the customer should be able to save the environment and money. Employees are expected to actively contribute their professionalism and commitment to reduce environmental impact and strive for continuous improvement and prevention of pollution. Environmental issues shall have a prominent place within EWF ECO's activities.

We shall:

  • actively inform and educate our employees and stakeholders.
  • Constantly seek new working methods and new materials and chemicals in order to improve the environment. We will meet our customers ' special requirements. This creates good references for further business and gives rise to good customer relations.
  • Work to reduce waste consumption by offering customer solutions that involve the prevention and restoration of destroyed property


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