Monna is the most advanced, multifunctional bench ever.

We've gathered the best from Steora and developed it even more, to give more! Monna provides wireless internet access, lighting, sensors, and data collection. Monna is a solar-powered bike point that serves as a bike rack with reperationsverktyg and power outlets for charging electric bikes.


Smart cycling equipment that gives users the functionality to download mobile devices and electric bikes in environments not previously possible.

City & Countryside

With powerful solar panels and elegantly designed high quality steel construction can bike point be installed anywhere – both in urban and rural areas.


Monna City adds a touch of modern aesthetics to exterior painting at the same time it serves as a multifunctional stopping point for cyclists.

Laddning för el-cyklar

Two smart power outlets operated by 7 “display and output up to 250W power for charging electric bikes, laptops and other electronic devices.


6 common wrenches and 8 hexatangenter in various sizes make it easy to repair all types of bikes, and set the desired air pressure by using the display.


With Monna's Web-based control panel, you get an overview of the number of users, temperatures, precipitation, status, etc.

Monna Models

78 900kr
85 900kr
104 900kr