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Monna is the most advanced, multifunctional bench ever!

Charging site for bikes and smartphones, powered by the sun!

Multifunctional Bench

We have taken the best of Steora and developed it even further to give you more. Monna provides wireless internet, lighting, sensors and data collection.

Charging site

Smart cycling equipment that gives users the functionality to charge mobile devices and electric bikes in environments where this was not previously possible.

Solar powered

With powerful solar panels and an elegant high-quality steel construction, the bike point can be installed anywhere, in both urban and rural areas.

Video presentation

Bike rack

Monna City adds a modern aesthetic element to outside areas at the same time as it serves as a multifunctional stopping off point for cyclists.

Charging point for electric bikes

Two smart power sockets operated by 7" display provide up to 250W of energy for charging electric bikes, laptops and other electronic devices.


Six common wrenches and eight hex keys of various sizes make it easy to repair all types of bike, and set desired air pressure using the display.


With Monna's web-based control panel, you get an overview of the number of users, temperature, precipitation, status, and more.


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