EWF ECO LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary of JMP Invest AB and is based in Stockport, Norrtälje Municipality. The business was developed and is operated today by the family iron brink, who has over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship.

We reflect and strive for a better environment with smart, innovative and sustainable solutions that benefit both our customers and the future. Creativity and innovative thinking gives us exclusive benefits to deliver market-leading products and solutions in its areas. Sustainability is an important aspect of our solutions to deliver long-lasting quality with measurable benefits for a future development. In order to ensure the quality and preparation of the product takes place directly in the center of economy and service parts of the group.

We are the exclusive distributor of BigBelly and Steora. Agencies also covers Norway Sweden Finland and. We have 2018 expanded BigBellys area and become exclusive distributor in Denmark.

EWF ECO takes sustainability and the environment seriously

Sustainability is a must for the world in which we live. In any society, we must all become better and smarter use of the resources available now and in the future. (UN) The UN's sustainable development goals shows important areas in relation to the challenges we all face.

We want this solution present supporting element which strengthens You in relation to our common challenges.

Bigbellys smart platform for debris management enhances the following global objectives:

Number 9 – Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure.
Number 11 – Sustainable cities and communities.
Number 12 – Sustainable consumption and production.
Number 13 – Fighting climate change

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