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EWF ECO AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of JMP Invest AB and has its registered office in Rimbo, Norrtälje municipality. The business was developed and is run today by the Järnebrink family, which has over 30 years experience of entrepreneurship.

EWF ECO AB aims to create a better environment with smart, innovative and sustainable solutions that benefit customers help society toward a cleaner future. Through creativity and innovation EWF seeks to provide exclusive benefits and deliver market leading products and solutions in its areas. Sustainability is an important aspect of our efforts to deliver long-lasting quality with measurable benefits for future development. In order to ensure quality and product preparation, finance and service functions are carried out directly within central parts of the group.

EWF is the exclusive distributor for Bigbelly and Steora. In addition to Sweden, the company's distributorship also covers Finland and Norway. EWF expanded its reach in 2018 and became the exclusive distributor for Bigbelly in Denmark.

We take sustainability and the environment seriously

Sustainability is a must for the world in which we live. In any society, we must all become better and smarter use of the resources available now and in the future. (UN) The UN's sustainable development goals shows important areas in relation to the challenges we all face.

We want this solution present supporting element which strengthens You in relation to our common challenges.

Bigbellys smart platform for debris management enhances the following global objectives:

Number 9 – Sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure.
Number 11 – Sustainable cities and societies.
Number 12 – Sustainable consumption and production.
Number 13 – Tackling climate change

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Environmental policy

EWF ECO's goal is to make all work with the best results to the smallest possible environmental impact. We have a positive effect on the environment by offering solutions that reduce the customer's environmental impact. In all respects, we shall conduct the business with a limited environmental impact, taking into account economic and technical resources and the legislation and other requirements in force.

EWF ECO strives to always take responsibility for the environment and stay ahead. We follow the development carefully and environmental adapt the technology. We intend that the customer should be able to save the environment and money. Employees are expected to actively contribute their professionalism and commitment to reduce environmental impact and strive for continuous improvement and prevention of pollution. Environmental issues shall have a prominent place within EWF ECO's activities.

We shall:

  • actively inform and educate our employees and stakeholders.
  • Constantly seek new working methods and new materials and chemicals in order to improve the environment. We will meet our customers ' special requirements. This creates good references for further business and gives rise to good customer relations.
  • Work to reduce waste consumption by offering customer solutions that involve the prevention and restoration of destroyed property


A good working environment for EWF ECO is an investment for the future. Our idea is that the quality of our services and the quality of the work environment are two components that must interact. We believe that a good working environment is the prerequisite for satisfied customers. We strive to ensure that our services improve the customer's working environment.

Good working environment is characterized by:

  • A safe and secure working situation
  • Satisfied and healthy employees – low employee turnover
  • Preventing ill health and accidents
  • The objectives and strategies of the business are well known
  • Clear leadership where responsibilities and competences are defined at all levels
  • Information, knowledge and development for all
  • Equal value, irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability
  • That work should provide job satisfaction, fellowship and personal development in a work organisation that is characterised by respect to each other
  • High quality and efficiency at work
  • Adapting working conditions to people's different conditions in physical, psychological and social terms
  • That routines for rehabilitation and job adaptation are
  • Counter bullying and victimisation

Quality Policy

EWF ECO shall meet customer requirements, expectations and needs. This presupposes that we deliver services of the right quality, at the right time and at the right price. Quality issues should have a prominent place within EWF ECO's operations.

We will actively inform and educate our employees and stakeholders. The CEO ensures that the policy is understood within the company, measures and evaluates the performance of the company's quality efforts and works with continuous improvement. We will work systematically to improve our services, be proactive, provide motivated and knowledgeable staff, and have a high level of service and availability. This creates good references for further business and gives rise to good customer relations.

Employees are expected to actively contribute their professionalism and commitment to create high quality and strive for continuous improvement. Furthermore, quality work must be well-anchored in all company organisations through appropriate training, clear instructions and commitment and demands from staff and other stakeholders.

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