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Solar-powered trash basket in Stockholm Bigbelly

14 March, 2018

Pilot project in Stockholm saw 115,000 fewer collections with Bigbelly

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Norrmalm's district management has produced a report on its use of the Bigbelly platform which shows how the system has led to a more streamlined garbage collection operation.

The City of Stockholm

SDF Norrmalm

Norrmalm district administration, Stockholm has its own management produced a report based on the use of the platform BigBelly – Recycle bins with solar-powered compression and recycle bins for source sorting in public environments. The Administration has, in addition to the direct impact on the climate, received a higher knowledge and awareness of how to optimize placement of litter baskets and optimize transport.

Norrmalm in Stockholm compiles the platform Bigbelly
- 0 st
Fewer collections
- 0 tons
Smaller carbon footprint
- 0 %
Fewer trash bags
- 0 %
Reduced transport

Excerpt from the final report

  • From 118.000 to 2.731 movements per year, a real change of-97%.
  • Transport decreased by 37.894 km (-92%).
  • The number of garbage bags fell by 115.096th (-97%)
  • CO2 carbon dioxide emissions fell by 35.518 kg CO2 (-92.4%).
  • Total collected garbage 1 239 507 kg.
  • Recycling: glass 3706 kg, paper 2540 kg.

Results are based on 124 units from Bigbelly during period 2013-2017.

Fill Levels & Compaction

BigBelly is an innovative platform with over 50.000 existing units in 54 countries that communicates and creates a sustainable handling of debris in the public space without connection to electricity grids. The devices report their status and fill level directly to the maintainers for more efficient route planning.

BigBelly High Capacity has 5-8 times more capacity than a traditional trash bin and provides space for 570 liters of uncompressed debris at the same size without pests accessing the content. The platform provides added value for both the business, the environment and the visitors.

We can also see a drastic reduction in the picking cleaning in the parks, a decrease of 60%

– Bo Höglund, Norrmalm District Administration in Stockholm

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