Positive test results in Kolding municipality

During the test period of four months, it has resulted in a saving of resources on 112 hours.

Working time which is saving has instead been used to collect rubbish in the streets. During the winter, Kolding Municipality tested dom smart recycle bins in the central parts and the result is positive. The test has reduced the number of flushes with 90 percent.

A test conducted last autumn where Kolding Municipality replaced 31 of the existing waste receptacles at selected locations with 13 intelligent bins from Bigbelly with sensors and compactor. The test was terminated on January 31, and the results are encouraging, according to a press release from the municipality.

Chair of technology and climate Committee Jacob wanted to welcome the positive signs

– There is no doubt that intelligent solutions enables us to exploit new technologies for the way forward. It displays the test results very clearly. I hope, therefore, that next year's budget can find money, primarily for buying more waste containers. Although it is an investment of half a million crowns, the experiment shows that there is a short payback period of about four years when resources are saved says Jakob Wanted.

The waste is compressed

Waste capacity was in the test period has been increased from barely 3.200 litres to more than 7.000 liters. The garbage cans are compressing waste and contains sensors that send messages to operational staff when they need to be emptied. If the money is in next year's budget, the smart paper baskets are designed to fit in with the new corporate design.