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Sensors for waste

Pure sense of waste. This is a groundbreaking patented sensor technology that is not only industry-leading, but also world-renowned. Waste bins are a tough environment to work in, but our sensor thrives in all weather conditions and containerized bins. 

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Making waste management easier and more efficient

Using our revolutionary technology and machine learning, our waste sensors allow you to predict exactly when and where collection needs to take place, giving you easier and more efficient waste management.

With digitalized waste management, you get better control of your containers and can easily optimize your waste management to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency. Let us help you take your waste management system to the next level!


Control the flow of waste

Our technology enables the monitoring and management of waste flows, reducing the risk of overfilled containers and transportation costs, while reducing the carbon footprint.

With our help, you can optimize collections, frequencies and user access, creating sustainable and efficient waste management.


Keep track of assets

Our Container Management Service is a smart warehouse management system that combines fill level sensors with QR codes to ensure optimal management of containers and their contents.

This increases the efficiency and accuracy of the system's asset inventory, making it easier to identify and track containers and their contents in a simple and intuitive way.

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Optimizing transport

With our versatile fleet management and sensor solution, you can easily optimize the use of your vehicles and machines while reducing fuel consumption, wear and tear and CO2 emissions.

By using our advanced technology, you can get a clear overview of your vehicles and their performance, allowing you to make the right decisions in real time, thereby improving the efficiency and sustainability of your operations.

Advanced Routing

Automating driving schedules

Our state-of-the-art optimization tool helps you efficiently place and manage your resources, while simplifying dynamic route planning.

With the latest technology, you can take advantage of real-time data to quickly adapt your plans to changing circumstances and achieve smoother, more efficient logistics.

With our solution, you can save time and money while reducing unnecessary emissions and increasing the sustainability of your work.

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Have you ever wondered how we can read the physical world? The answer lies in sensors - amazing devices that can convert physical signals into information we can understand. With sensors, we can measure everything from temperature and sound to movement and brightness. This information can then be used to improve our lives in a variety of ways.

Imagine a world where everything you own can communicate with each other and adapt to your needs without you even having to think about it. This is exactly what IoT - the Internet of Things - makes possible.

By integrating small embedded sensors and processors into everything from cars and household appliances to clothes and people, we can create a world where everything is smart and helpful. 

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