Reduction of the number of bins


Reduction of the number of movements


Photos from Copenhagen zoo



BigBellys software support CLEAN is available for both computers, tablets and smartphones, where all the information about each device is gathered to provide keep higher productivity and awareness in the area.

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BigBelly is an innovative platform with over 50,000 existing units in 54 countries that communicate and create a sustainable management of the garbage in the public room without connection to the electricity grid. Units report their status and load line directly to the responsible for the more efficient planning of routes. BigBelly HC has 5-8 times more capacity than a traditional litter basket and gives room for 570 litres of uncompressed rubbish at the same size without pests get access to content. The platform provides an added value for both activities, the environment and the visitors.

The Administration has, in addition to the direct impact on the climate, received a higher knowledge and awareness of how to optimize placement of litter baskets and optimize transport.