on January 20, 2017

Good results for Uppsala with Bigbelly

Uppsala chose to invest in the solar-powered refuse handling system Bigbelly with the aim of improving the local environment through fewer collections and cleaner public spaces. Since the introduction of the system, the amount of rubbish visible in the main park and surrounding larger parks has fallen by 20 percent.

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Uppsala municipality bought its first smart garbage bins ahead of summer of 2013 and today has over 400 units.

Uppsala has chosen to invest in the solar-powered refuse handling system Bigbellywith the aim of improving the environment in the municipality through reduced collections and cleaner public spaces around the bins. Since we introduced the system, the visible rubbish in the main park, Stadsträdgården, and surrounding larger parks has fallen by 20 percent. A contributing factor may also be the placement of the bins themselves.

Solar powered recycle bins need daylight to charge, which means that they have to be relatively open. Something that makes them more accessible than previous recycle bins often were hidden in a shrubbery or under a big tree

Single and triple units, we had the year 2017 a total of 275 units placed in mainly well-attended parks as well as inside the center. The units are divided into 155 single units and 40 source sorting units, so-called triple units, which sorts the fractions of plastic waste, glass waste and other waste. Some vessels have also been supplemented with freestanding receptacles for disposable grills and "Pantrör" for aluminium cans and pet bottles.

Purpose of sorting is that we wanted to allow for Uppsala residents to recycle and detoxify the cycle even in the public domain. City Planning Administration and Uppsala climate focus group Protocol for waste, the overall assessment is that these factions were the most appropriate to start with when it came to recycling in the public space.

Uppsala conducts annual debris measurements and even picking studies in order to follow up on how the system works and if it lands right faction in the right place.

The first calculations showed that in principle it would be a zero-sum game between the cost and potential savings. It has after careful follow-ups proved that this is that we are on the merit of this page with a few hundred thousand per year, although it remains about two-thirds of the systems deployment in central city, see calculation on page 5.

The big winner, however, is the environment, which has a lower emissions by approximately 80% less garbage bags have been necessary and that we have been able to save a year of fuel for a pickupp who previously drove about 1500 miles in the city centre environment. Added to this is the detoxification of the loop through the recycling of glass and plastic, see table on page 6 for reduced Co2 emissions.

The work environment is also a winner through that work can be planned better. The heavy lifting has been reduced thanks to the innerkärlen are changed and running up on a cart with a tingle. Mark the litter in the City Garden, for example, has fallen by 20% since the system was introduced, this has given the staff reduced wear in pappersplockar arm muscles and joints.

During the winter of 2015/16 offers the supplier a rullkärl that they plan to produce, these vessels will facilitate work on the vessel's handling. They have also developed a foot pedal to the compression tank, Uppsala municipality has ordered and received the 22st delivered in late January, the foot pedal will make the user do not need to use your hands to open the door.

Dialogue in this now with the manufacturer to see if it is possible to replace existing doors to door with foot pedal, this to make it even easier for the user, especially we waste sorting stations.

Garbage cans have a built-in compactor that is powered by solar energy. With the help of compactor compacted waste when the Pan is full. This means that the bin can be filled again without having to be emptied. With the help of the compactor, garbage can swallow up to seven times its own volume before it needs to be emptied. Something that reduced the download rate with around 80 per cent.

In order not to have to go and check how much waste there is in the dustbin is all trash cans equipped with technology that makes it possible to monitor in real time the volumetric efficiency in garbage cans.

– The staff logs on a Web page, via the PC, tablet or mobile phone and see the status of all Big and Smart Bellykärl, they can then make up run route and determine the vehicle type according to how the situation is. Something that gives fewer shipments and reduced carbon dioxide emissions as a result. The compactor and the surveillance system is powered by a battery that is loaded by using the Sun's energy through solar panels. The built-in battery makes everything also works on rainy days.

Each month taken statistics out of the system to reconcile efficiency of emptying at the right time, this provides good feedback to the staff.

Residents as employees in the municipality has been the new sop system and the complaints have been few in number. Someone has written on the municipality's Facebook page that easily gets messy on the inside of the slot cover, and a property owner has heard of them and thought that litter bins in the Center stands for glest.

When it comes to mess on the inside slot cover so the supplier offers an adjust mode and washable plastic insert for door inside, which can easily be replaced and cleaned.

The bins are sparser than usual due to the fact that the new ones are much bigger than the old ones. Today we have a trash can on a stretch that had three. It is important to let the changes take time, residents have become familiar with the system. Uppsala is 275 units is the third largest user in Europe of the product and at the time of writing on place 17 in the world.

Litter bins make it impossible for the pests to gain access to the garbage, after collecting the garbage, a manual review of the content to get the loop as avgiftat as possible.

Good to keep in mind when introducing the system

  • It will be easier for users if the vessels are marked with fraction types directly when they are exhibited. The municipality of Malmö Took the initiative to launch a recommendation, for national standardisation of source sorting symbols, in terms of colour and form. The recommendation was completed in February 2016 and Håll Sverige Rent Will keep in the marketing.
  • Be sure to anchor the new technology both internet and externally. If it is possible to account for the different types of "winnings" you can do together.
  • Place the vessels in an open area so that they get enough light, then visible vessels also, much better and easier for the user to find them.
  • Equipping vessels with foil plastic based on the color or pattern you wish (see picture below on Uppsala's retrofoliering for historical settings). Folieringen also works as a graffiti protection.
  • Do follow-ups. By using the calculation models supplier has so quickly you see the benefits of the product. Also do double checks to ensure the vendor's calculations.

40 triples Co2 reduction Per year Every 5 years Per 10 years
Through increased RV – 120 tons of CO2/year 120 600 1 200
By reducing the burning of plastics – 45 tons of CO2/year 45 225 450
80% fewer transports for retrieval Three 15 30
Total 168 840 1 680

As the system expanded increases benefits for the environment, the knowledge of the system for those who take care of the garbage collecting, recognition effect for citizens and the possibilities of specific source separation in the public space – It will be easy to do right!

Of course, the expansion also reduced costs.

The report was prepared in collaboration with

  • Micaela Norberg, editor of Svensk byggtjänst
  • Pär Blom, head of Technology & service
  • Louise Lindgren, process manager Technology & service
  • Supporting evidence comes from Uppsala Climate focus group Protocol for waste (2012/13)

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