The town of Västerås introduces talking bins

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"Throw away some trash and learn something amazing!" That is message on Västerås' new waste units from Bigbelly

The bins are designed to accept different types of garbage and deliver a spoken message every time someone throws something away. The project was launched in the town of Västerås and is based on the power of curiosity. The system includes 100 different messages with facts on sustainability, animals, nature and health.

The new talking Bigbelly bins are an element of an action plans for a safer town developed by officials in Vasterås in collaboration with Västerås Citysamverkan. The goal of the project is to reduce littering and make it more fun to throw away garbage.

The project is aligned with the town's three strategic development areas. It is an idea based on curiosity and learning which aims to increase residents' well-being and contribute to an ecologically sustainable city, says Anna Thunell, who heads the technical board of the town of Västerås.

The Bigbelly units have produced good results in other cities when it comes to reducing littering, and we'd love to see this be the beginning of a venture that the whole city can take part in.

Maria Fors, Västerås Citysamverkan

Sustainable waste bins

Bigbelly's bins are smarter than traditional bins in several ways. They compress waste automatically and can therefore deal with large volumes of garbage in public places. When they need emptying, the bins notify staff directly through a cloud-based application, CLEAN, or via e-mail.

Bigbelly's smart waste bins power themselves with renewable solar energy and provide opportunities for the use of advanced standalone technologies with different themes, both in terms of sound and design.

Market-leading supplier of smart bins

EWF ECO AB is the exclusive distributor of Bigbelly in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. For more information on how Bigbelly can do good and create fun in your city, call us on 0410-495 24 95 or contact us here.

Press release from Västerås City
Features from TV021
Elements from Västerå

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