Less debris in port together with Varberg

October 19, 2020


Can there be less litter on the land with fewer trash cans? It shows the port of Varberg. Since summer 2019 you will find 5 pcs Bigbelly smart solar-powered trash cans that keep the debris safe and create greater capacity of debris in the same place as before using modern technology. 

In the past, 9 traditional 120 litre open bins have been deployed. These had a total litter capacity of 1080 litres that was emptied 3 times a day, resulting in 2430 discharges over a 3-month period (01/06-2018 – 31/8-2018) when the evaluation started. 

The following year, the same 3-month period, a new test was performed. This time Varberg replaced the 9 traditional bins with 5 smart solar powered Bigbelly High Capacity with built-in compactor. 

Results with 91% fewer discharges

The measurements carried out in the port after establishment during the period 01/06-2019 – 31/8-2019 showed a result of 221 drains and a collected amount of debris of 76.9 cubic meters or 76,900 liters. The evaluation of the new Bigbelly the bins showed fewer discharges with 91%, less debris on the ground and last but not least a significantly increased efficiency of resources in the business. 

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