About us

EWF Eco is a company with a passion for smart, innovative solutions in the Smart City segment. EWF is the distributor of the market-leading platform Bigbelly , which focuses on streamlining litter management in the public environment. EWF has currently established over 6,500 smart bins that communicate their fill level and status indication to responsible staff. 

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Working to make cities smarter

Through in-house development and deployment, EWF can offer flexibility in the offering and adapt the solution to the customer's needs to maximise the outcome. EWF also offers various types of financing, insurance, rental services, spare parts, repairs, preventive maintenance and service agreements. 

EWF also has other products in the segment and is actively working to broaden its product portfolio. The solutions that EWF offers improve the everyday lives of our customers and society at large. Headquartered in Rimbo, Norrtälje municipality - we operate in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Let's work together!

Customer service: +46 (0)10-495 24 95
Head office: Vallbyvägen 22, 76251 Rimbo, Sweden
Mon-Fri: 07:30-16:30