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ECO Lock

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ECO Lock is a digital lock with unique wireless technology, which allows to update permissions and keys remotely. Completely without battery or wiring.

You can choose which times of the day it should be possible to unlock, block keys and see event logs, all online. ECO Lock is adapted to Bigbellys all devices.

3 668 kr

More information about ECO Lock

The self-charging system is the next generation locking system that replaces mechanical cylinders or electromechanical locking systems, which depend on an external power source such as batteries. The secure encrypted system enables flexible and secure management of permissions and maintains high security in properties such as commercial properties, office buildings and residential properties.

These lock cylinders get their energy by inserting the key into the lock cylinder. This eliminates the need for batteries or wiring. Since no batteries are required, maintenance and operating costs are significantly lower than with a battery-operated locking system.

Further information

Lock cylinder

Batteryless digital lock cylinder


Secured with powerful AES256 encryption and two-way authentication


Group permissions and/or individual permissions can be granted to the lock cylinders. Hold list for lost keys.


Supports time constraints in the form of time profiles - requires RTC real-time clock

Enclosure rating


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