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August 9, 2018

Alingsås is investing in environmentally friendly systems for debris management from BigBelly

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Alingsås bon Daniel B thinks that the rubber garbage cans are a good idea. Photo: Lisa Haase

Eco-smart trash cans, which compresses and sound an alarm when they become full, introduced in an increasing number of municipalities. In Alingsås tested the concept this summer.

Then in early July, the two smart BigBelly trash bins placed in Åmanska Park and at Lilla Torget in Central Alingsås. Garbage cans are environmentally friendly in many ways, they are powered by solar cells that sit on the top and the vessels hit automatically pair the debris and sends the message to the owner when they need to be emptied.

Junk is a hot issue, and local authorities see this as a great investment, "says Carina Henriksson, regional manager of the company that sells the EWF ECO BigBelly bins.

Eco-smart trash cans, which compresses and sound an alarm when they become full

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