Bigbelly occupies the Väla shopping centre

Väla shopping centre has now placed by default in the area 12 Capacity BigBelly to meet requirements regarding garbage management.

In cooperation with the Skandia Real Estate and EWF ECO AB will now BigBelly streamline garbage handling through smart connected bins that turn reduces transport, reducing carbon emissions and increasing recycling.

Väla shopping centre in Helsingborg is one of Sweden's most beloved and popular shopping destinations, ever awarded for variety and comfort, service and availability. Each year welcomed 10 million customers and visitors.

Platform analyzes collected data and BigBelly provides effective evidence that shows when and how draining must be made to make it easier to plan the business resources. Bigbelly contribute to environments are kept cleaner and prettier. No overflowing bins, no garbage and rubbish blowing around that attracts rats and birds.

Creating cleaner, greener and safer pedestrian streets by reducing truck traffic, reduced noise and fewer traffic jams.

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