Sensor for containers and waste containers

Technology for waste analysis and streamlining of resource use

We give you technology and results that everyone promises, but does not deliver. Enevo's technology is patented and is second to none in our industry. This, my friends, is the technology that brought waste to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Enevo 1

Transparency and insight

Enevo gives you transparency and insight that makes it easier to manage waste and create additional sustainability, while continuously reducing costs. Your routes and directions are generated based on data from sensors, traffic patterns, road and location restrictions, and predicted filling patterns.

Enevo's platform consistently calculates hundreds of millions of different options to create optimal schedules and transport routes each time. This creates less traffic and less time spent on site outside e.g. schools, residential buildings and other properties.

Enevo 3

Understand your city from a new perspective

Enevo's sensors collect 24/7 data for the analytics cloud service that presents advanced and comprehensive data, providing dynamic insight into how your city generates waste and how best to serve society.
Enevo allows you to optimize collection, reduce overcrowded containers, minimize mandatory resources and costs, reduce visits, verify discharges, reduce complaints, streamline customer service, create more productive operations and increase sustainability over time
  • Strategic planning of resource and waste management
  • Waste analyses and studies
  • Planning, design of waste facilities

No more riding around in circles

Efficient waste management starts with our exceptional IoT sensor. The sensor uses ultrasound technology via sonar to detect the container's filling levels and collections. Our sensors are the size of a hockey puck, require minimal maintenance and allow for accurate analysis.


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