Gotland recycles with Bigbelly

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A smarter Gotland benefits all!

Traditional bins can create uncertainty that results in littering and a need for a costly response. In central Visby on Gotland traditional bins have been replaced and supplemented with the smart bin Bigbelly. There are now 31 units, which have over six months collected 450 000 litres of rubbish in the public environment in an efficient manner.

The Bigbelly platform streamlines the handling of rubbish and notifies staff via SMS, app or email when and where emptying is needed. Bigbelly's photovoltaic bins capture and store solar energy to power the built-in compactor all year round that gives space for more rubbish. With Bigbelly, daily collections can normally become weekly collections.

Read about similar cases here: Uppsala Municipality, The City of Stockholmand The City of Borås.

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In a 5-year period, the costs of the operation for emptying bins have decreased from 1,560,000 to £260,000 and CO2 emissions have fallen from 6.9 tonnes to 2.2 tonnes. With Bigbelly, litter capacity has increased, productivity in the business has increased, the number of drains and the number of shipments has decreased – on the same surface as before.


Malmö gets new modern bins from Bigbelly

Bigbelly is coming to central Malmö! The rubbish that visitors throw in the bins will be compressed using solar energy and the bin itself will report when it's time for emptying. The bins are also completely sealed which means fewer pests and less garbage in the canal.