Solar-powered waste bin that speaks in Nybro!

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Chatting trash cans is a fact

Nybro engages visitors around the garbage cans, it is not a lot but usually a thank you or a melody. In another project, Uppsala municipality established a campaign with Bigbelly's singing bins, called Uppsala Skräpkör.

Solar-powered trash cans with built-in compactor

With the help of solar cells, garbage cans can conduct advanced technology in a closed safe garbage bin called Bigbelly, providing every opportunity to minimize transport and increase productivity in the municipality. It is a win for both the visitors, the environment and the business.

In addition to less littering, fewer transports and fewer pests, Bigbelly can also add a fantastic exposure area for profiling and advertising in public places.

Nybro's Playground

We wish Nybro a warm welcome to the family of Bigbelly, with a growing fleet of 3.400 active units in Scandinavia.

Read more about the establishment of solar-powered recycle bins that speak in Nybro

Read more about our pilot project in Stockholm

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