New waste bins placed in Stockholm

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Together with the city of Stockholm, we have now placed out 20 of the model Bigbelly High Capacity 5.0

Bigbelly is the most effective platform for handling rubbish in public places. A solar powered trash can with built-in compactor to make room for 570 litres of debris. Stockholm currently has over 700 pieces of modules from Bigbelly, deployed in both parks and urban environment to streamline the city's debris management.

Bins measure Content

Each unit is an access point with built-in technology to track and measure the contents via the control panel CLEAN. Basis recorded makes it easier for employees to increase productivity and work smarter with the environment in focus for planning transportation.

Stub it right

Bigbelly has great exposure as the municipality may use to communicate with visitors. This campaign is all about in the context of the new fimplagen that threaded power July 1, 2019, to encourage the use of släckplattan and throw their cigarette into the device rather than on the ground. You are also in need of design? Contact us and we will help you!

But pests

In connection with Bigbellys ergonomic construction of availability is the Bigbelly also a closed system. This has its positive advantage to keep unauthorized people and pests outside trash to minimize debris on the ground.

Are you interested in smarter spam handling in your community?

Contact us at 010-495 24 95 to find out more!

Nya papperskorgar placerade i Stockholm 1
Image: Roadtrax AB

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