Bigbelly with Sun at the Emporia shopping center in Malmö

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Bigbelly takes part and improves garbage handling along with Emporia shopping center in Malmö

The urban rooftop environment on top of the popular shopping centre has live sedumgräs, plants and technology that creates an attractive area for visitors. During June was placed on the roof of the Bigbelly urban environment.

The shopping centre has 8 million visitors annually with a large area to manage the garbage and waste of visitors on

Bigbelly is part of the solution to keep the litter safe from pests, compress content and notify staff when emptying. Bigbelly is ergonomically designed with safety in focus to protect visitor's interest and use.

Emporia can now gain control of the respective device which is placed on the penthouse to streamline staff and activities. This gives the opportunity not to empty the waste vessels during visitors ' hours.

Bigbelly med solen på Emporia Köpcentrum i Malmö 1

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