Smart trash cans equipped with sound in Helsingborg

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Helsingborg is a municipality with a large focus on innovation and smart solutions which today has 31st Bigbelly units placed along the coast in order to minimize the debris in the water and picking on mark.

Bigbelly is a smart garbage can, driven by solar cells that gives the municipality the opportunity for valuable information about when and where emptying the waste container is to be made, but also give the area a larger litter capacity by built-in compression.

A small appreciation in the visitor's engagement

To increase interactivity and awareness of the environmental work of visitors so, the municipality has decided to install a sound module in 19 existing entities in Helsingborg that appeal to and thank you for the garbage discarded into the slot.

The sound module is adapted for High Capacity 5.0 Connected to the device's input sensor. This results in the device playing the desired sound when the cover is opened. A sound kit contains both sound module as well as necessary wiring and hopper sensor from Bigbelly.

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