Forest Gribskov expands with Bigbelly for summer

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Forest Gribskov municipality extends now to 17 pieces Bigbelly in the form of both waste bins and sorting stations for glass and cans.

Littering in the Baltic Sea is a famous problem in which both business and visitors must take vigorous action to meet Global targets. With the help of Bigbelly can now secure forest Gribskov municipality Beach for the summer and minimize picking on mark, access for vermin and debris in the water.

The municipality's solar-powered trash cans with built-in compression is now deployed at a popular beach in forest Gribskov and is ready for what summer has to offer! We replaced the existing 27th recycle bins at 100 litres/st with six Bigbelly sorting stations with a capacity of 760 litres per station and also four pieces High Capacity with capacity of 570 litres and a pieces Standard Capacity on 190 litres.

We have, together with the municipality and local schools in forest Gribskov increased interactivity and awareness of litter in public places with the help of a treasure hunt.

The new solution gave a capacity of 7.030 liters instead of previous 2.700 litres. This makes it easier for the municipality's activities now can more easily streamline and place resources as needed.

We wish you a pleasant summer and a better environment!

Gribskov utökar med Bigbelly inför sommaren 1

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