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Outstanding cleaning platform with smart waste bins from Bigbelly

Bigbelly is a successful cloud-based platform with connected, smart waste bins that enable greater capacity and fewer collections without connection to electricity networks. You get amazing technology that reduces the cost of emptying, increases the efficiency of operations and gives visitors to the area an attractive clean stay while you gain valuable insight into the waste flow and how to best invest resources.
Bigbelly 2

Cleaner Environment

Bigbelly is a closed waste system with full control that gives the environment a cleaner environment and fewer pests.

Bigbelly 3

Increase Productivity

Collected data from each waste bin is transformed in the platform into valuable insight and decision material for investment of resources.

Bigbelly 4

Global Footprint

Whether it's trucks on land or boats on water, Bigbelly helps you reduce both unnecessary traffic and its environmental impact.

Innovation to its peak

Unbeatable innovative platform for cleaning that you absolutely do not want to miss!

Bigbelly currently has over 56,000 smart waste bins in 54 countries, of which 4000 are in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Bigbelly's success is no coincidence, it is proof of the ultimate solution for how sanitation can be easier and smarter. Bigbelly's smart waste bins provide increased capacity and analyze the filling level in each waste bin to increase productivity to a cleaner environment.

Win-win-win for visitors, environment and business.

Some of our customers

Technology that no one else has

Superior reduction of collections by up to 95%

In addition to obvious benefits such as a cleaner public environment, more efficient waste management, lower costs and environmental benefits, you can reduce waste collection by up to 95%. You can easily measure the proportion of garbage that goes to recycling instead of being thrown away. Bigbelly creates cleaner, greener and safer pedestrian streets through reduced truck traffic, reduced noise and fewer traffic jams.

Fyllnadsnivå & Status

Fill level and status

Our waste bins are independent and have two-way communication technology that automatically reads the filling level and system status.



Heatmaps measure activity in each area to more easily see which areas need more capacity than others.

Effektiva resurser


Managers will be notified according to the desired collection frequency via email, browser or smartphone application.


Solar powered

The smart functions are powered by stored solar energy for operation all year round and have uniquely patented protection for power consumption called SolarMAX.

* Applies to High Capacity

Minimera skadedjur

Closed system

Bigbelly restricts unauthorized persons and pests from reaching the contents and minimizes debris ending up outside on the ground or in the water.


Built-in compactor

With a built-in compactor, powered by solar energy, Bigbelly can accommodate 570L of uncompressed rubbish the same size as a 120L container.

* Applies to High Capacity

Helpful services that we offer

Combine devices

With Bigbelly you can combine units and create sorting at source with desired designs to suit your purpose or area.


We are aware that aesthetics is important for many areas and therefore offer design and design to remain attractive in all areas.


Just like any machine, it needs an inspection and cleaning to stay shiny as needed.


Unsure what capacity the area requires? We help you plan and budget to get the right machine in the desired area.

External options

Through Bigbelly's successful technology, we can offer installation of e.g. wi-fi for surfing or audio connected to the hatch to engage visitors.

Rent or buy

We offer options where you can choose to buy your units directly or rent them with advantageous service agreements.

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