Smarter platform for handling litter

Cleaner cities, better environment, global footprint

Renare städer

Cleaner Cities

In addition to obvious benefits such as cleaner public environments, more efficient waste management, lower costs and environmental benefits, you can reduce garbage collection by up to 95%. You can easily measure the percentage of garbage that goes to recycling instead of being thrown.
Bättre miljö

Better environment

By keeping the waste contained in Bigbelly, the system helps to keep public environments cleaner and better looking. Fewer overcrowded bins, no visible garbage or debris that blows around and attracts rats and birds.

Globalt avtryck

Global Impression

You can easily contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. BigBelly creates cleaner, greener and safer pedestrian streets through reduced truck traffic, reduced noise and fewer congestion.

Smarter handling of waste & recycling

With the help of Bigbelly Smart Recycle bins, the problem of managing waste in public environments can be solved. In addition, it can benefit from the waste management infrastructure already in place and build on with other functions and technical solutions.

Some of our customers
Any benefits
Spara Transport

Reduce Transport

The platform results in transports and unnecessary congestion, even in hard-to-reach places in parks, the city centre or on islands in the archipelago.

Reducera Koldioxidutsläpp

Reduce CO2

By using the platform Bigbelly can you reduce carbon emissions and the number of produced garbage bags.

Öka produktiviteten

Increase Productivity

BigBelly hold the waste safely stored and reported via the application to staff when the units are in need of emptying.

What do our users say?

BigBelly is an innovative platform with over 50.000 units in 54 countries that communicates and creates a sustainable handling of debris in the public space without connection to electricity grids. The devices report their status and fill level directly to the maintainers for more efficient route planning. BigBelly HC has 5-8 times more capacity than a traditional trash basket and provides space for 570 liters of uncompressed debris at the same size. The platform provides added value for both the business, the environment and the visitors.

Some properties

Report backing

The units have a vibrant update and collect status, fill levels and history. You can easily measure the amount of garbage that goes for recycling instead of being thrown.
Inbyggd kompaktor

Built-in compactor

BigBelly's main unit has a built-in compactor that provides space for 570 liters of uncompressed debris that can fit on the same size as a traditional 120 liter trash bin.

Färre skadedjur

Fewer pests

BigBelly's closed system provides reduced access for pests and reduced debris on land for a cleaner environment.

Fristående med Solceller

Stand alone

Bigbellys main unit generates power from renewable energy via solar cells and is free from connection to electricity grids

Smarta Sensorer

Smart sensors

BigBelly has a number of integrated sensors that measure and detect the device. Which provides valuable data for the environment.

Datainsamling & GPS

Data collection & GPS

BigBelly collect valuable data that you can easily track to create a more efficient operation and to minimize costs for garbage handling.

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