Bigbelly waste management platform

Smart Waste Bins with Increased Capacity

Bigbelly is a successful cloud-based platform with connected, smart bins that enable greater capacity and fewer collections without connection to power grids. You get amazing technology that lowers the cost of emptying, increases the efficiency of operations and gives visitors to the area an attractive clean stay while gaining valuable insight into the course of the debris and how best to place resources. 

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Cleaner environment

Bigbelly is a closed waste system with full control that gives the environment a cleaner environment and fewer pests. 

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Increased productivity

Collected data from each trash can is transformed in the platform into valuable insight and decision-making for the placement of resources.

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Global footprint

Whether it is on land or boats on water, Bigbelly reduce both unnecessary traffic and its environmental impact. 

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Superior reduction of collections by up to 90%.

In addition to obvious benefits such as a cleaner public environment, more efficient waste management, lower costs and environmental benefits, you can reduce waste collection by up to 90%. You can easily measure the percentage of waste that is recycled instead of thrown away. Bigbelly creates cleaner, greener and safer pedestrian streets by reducing truck traffic, noise and congestion.

Statens Vegvesen Norway

Public environments

Total containment ensures that waste stays put and pests stay away from food, creating cleaner and safer parks for everyone.

Trading Venue


Shopping centres and other retail locations can use Bigbelly's platform to facilitate facility management and create an enhanced customer experience.

Airport CPH


Waste managers receive automated alerts telling them which bins need collecting. 

Some of our customers

Technology that no one else has

Sanitation you absolutely don't want to miss

Bigbelly today has over 70,000 established smart bins in 54 countries, of which 6,500 are in the Nordics. Bigbellys success is no coincidence, it is proof of the ultimate solution for making waste management easier and smarter. Bigbellys smart bins provide increased capacity and analyse the fill level of each bin to increase productivity for a cleaner environment. 

Win-win-win for visitors, environment and business. 

Valuable features
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Fill levels

Our recycle bins are standalone and have technology for two-way communication that automatically reads the filling level and system status.

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Heatmaps measures activity in each area to more easily see which areas need more capacity than others.

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Solar High Capacity

The smart functions are powered by stored solar energy for operation all year round and have uniquepatented protection for power consumption called SolarMAX.

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Source sorting

With Bigbelly you can combine units and create sorting at source with desired designs to suit your purpose or area.

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Automated notifications

Managers will be notified according to the desired collection frequency via email, browser or smartphone application.

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Closed system

Bigbelly restricts unauthorised persons and pests from reaching the contents and minimizes the fact that debris ends up outside on the ground or in the water.

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Built-in compactor High Capacity

With a built-in compactor, powered by solar energy, Bigbelly make room for 570L of uncompressed debris of the same size as a 120L vessel.

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Report and status

Users can optimize collection routines, measure and benchmark operations and realize location-based waste patterns.

Together we increase recycling

With Bigbelly , you can combine different sorting options and enable sorting in public places. Choose the fraction, implement recycling and measure the amount of waste in each sorting. 

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What do our users say?


Bigbelly has a patented feature that limits the consumption of solar energy to protect the communication and technology of each device. This provides a longer life span and function even on the darkest days of the year.


Bigbelly has a unique feature that allows you to discard debris while restricting access to the contents during compaction. This gives the user continuous availability and usability.


Bigbelly carefully packs debris from the bottom level to maximise space. This provides a consistent fill rate that is easier to predict and to provide more accurate collection data.

Trifles and goodies

Design as you wish

We are aware that aesthetics are important for many areas and therefore offer design to remain attractive in all areas.

We succeed together

Unsure what capacity the area requires? We help you plan and budget to get the right machine in the desired area.

Buy or rent

We offer options where you can choose to buy your units directly or rent them with preferential service agreements.

Add components

Use Bigbellys infrastructure to share unique features that can make a difference in society.

Service contract

We offer a nationwide maintenance service and ensure your devices work flawlessly for years to come.

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Randers Municipality, Denmark
Solution: Bigbelly
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Uppsala Municipality, Sweden
Solution: Bigbelly

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