over 50 000 existing units

Bigbelly is an innovative platform with over 50.000 units existing in the 54 countries that communicate and create a sustainable handling of garbage in the public room with no connection to the electricity grid. The devices report their status and the fill level directly to the responsible for the more effective planning of routes. Bigbelly HC has 5-8 times more capacity than a traditional litter basket and gives room for 570 litres of uncompressed rubbish at the same size. The platform provides an added value for both activities, the environment and the visitors.

Urban & Park environments

With the help of Bigbelly can you offer solutions that increase civic engagement, resolve operational problems and get meaningful data that can improve your services in public places.

Campus & Terminals

In environments that are in need of sanitation can now be environmentally conscious and at the same time, offer practical solutions for data communication.

Retail & Arenas

Shopping centers, hospitals and other buildings use Bigbelly to automate much of the work needed to handle the too frequent indication about rubbish and recycling.

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