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Greentech for the future smart city

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Solar cells, wireless Wi-Fi and charging of mobile devices, the so-called smart bench Steora for maximum effect when using and contributing bench with lighting for a safer environment.

So what is Greentech, really? According to Per iron brink, ceo of EWF ECO is more of an attitude than a kind of product.
-For me the Greentech rather a consistent sustainable business vision which characterises the whole production model with the goal of improving the environment. On EWF we always bring in the environmental impact of each product process.
Smart City Solutions
Recently signed an agreement with EWF ECO start-up company Include. Agreement concerning the sale and marketing of the so-called smart bench Steora (or star in latin). As previously mentioned the combines bench solar cells, wireless Wi-Fi and charging of mobile devices and lighting.
– Steora which product fits well in the EWF ECO's thoughts on smart city solutions, where we as a vision to improve the street and park environments for cities, municipalities and commercial partners. The bench provides very social services as it provides a sense of security to the surroundings. Today, we rely on all our products, such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. Steora provides easy access to both Wi-Fi and charging for all, out in nature and areas of social interaction.
– When we talk about sustainability on EWF ECO we mean everything from economic, social and environmental sustainability. A product or service is not sustainable for real if it does not manage to cover all three. It is through all three as a product in the end can be classed as Greentech.
EWF ECO working a lot with products designed to provide the public with an added value beyond the basic functionality. A good example of what it is, is their dustbin BigBelly. Bigbelly is a waste and recycling systems that can solve the problem of managing waste in public environments.
– We installed the BigBelly in Norrmalm in Stockholm and has so far managed to reduce the transport of over 90 percent. The annual haul, for garbage trucks, dropped from 41 000 kilometers to today's 3 100 kilometers. Carbon dioxide emissions decreased by approximately 35 tonnes. With Sweden's new energy goals in mind, we would be able to provide considerable help on the way, just by swapping out some trash cans.
EWF ECO has the business model to introduce, establish and deliver smart Green & sustainable solutions to public and commercial partners in the Nordic region, primarily. Starting in 2012, the EWF ECO AB sold the product, BigBelly Solar, as exclusive distributor of BigBelly Solar Inc. Agency covers except Finland Sweden also & Norway.
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Customer case

Uppsala Municipality compiles Bigbelly

Uppsala has chosen to invest in a solar-powered system called Bigbelly. The aim of the initiative is to improve the environment in the municipality through reduced transport and a cleaner when environment around the garbage bins. Since we introduced the system, the visible debris in the city garden and the surrounding larger parks have fallen by 20 percent. A contributing factor may also be the placement itself.

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