Phone: 0046 10-495 24 95

Phone: 0046 10-495 24 95

Motala Expo

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Motala Expo is the largest business fair in the region and is organized by the industry of Motala municipality for 120 exhibitors from all industries that attract more than 6000 visitors over two days. Our BigBelly has a new design to meet the motto Motala Östergötlands Sjöstad. With a closed system, the idea is that no more debris will come in the lake Vättern which already has more microplastics in the water than the Baltic Sea.
EWF thanks the 9 companies in Motala Industrial group because we got to meet the Östergötland entrepreneur and see their innovations and skills packaged into complete solutions in safety, industry, medicine and environmental technology.

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Customer case

Randers with results of-95% fewer flushments

In the cityscape, birds disappeared and the streets were cleaner and demanded less maintenance. In them new Bigbelly paper baskets were also installed built-in sound modules that are activated when using the garbage bins to increase interaction with the visitors.

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