Nu tar vi Bislett Games till nya höjder

This provides a great opportunity to minimize unnecessary transportation among the visitors!

Diamond League starts on Thursday 7 June in Oslo, Norway at the Bislett Games. Bigbelly is our main attraction is their placement around the arena and with hopes to create perhaps the world's most sustainable sporting events of all time.
Bigbelly, configured as a double station provides sorting possibilities to separate glass and debris on the same site. The stations have increased capacity and is equipped with a compactor to make way for 5-8 times more rubbish than a traditional litter basket in the same size. The compactor is powered by solar cells, and also provides an application that signals their fill level. This makes it easier for sanitation workers to plan their routes and not to go out unnecessarily.
This provides a great opportunity to minimize unnecessary transport and carbon dioxide emissions. An added value for visitors, business and the environment!