Smarter spam handling with BigBelly on Brogatan in Mölndal

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An exclusive pedestrian street has now taken shape and become a highlight in the mölndal inner city!

Mölndal municipality has now restored, one of the main streets of the inner city where the BigBelly stands on guard to streamline the city's debris management! Bigbelly brings a number of features that allow transport do not have to deal with the emptying of the belt under the shopping centre's opening hours.

The platform also reads the BigBelly fill level in each unit and signals responsible for emptying and easier to plan journeys. The devices also has a built-in compactor that gives room for 5 to 8 times more rubbish than a regular trash and powered by solar energy. Some of the devices also has integrated Wi-Fi, which provides increased availability at Brogatan!


Smartare skräphantering med BigBelly på Brogatan i Mölndal 1

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Ten benefits of Bigbelly's connected bins and how the system can help you

In a 5-year period, the costs of the operation for emptying bins have decreased from 1,560,000 to £260,000 and CO2 emissions have fallen from 6.9 tonnes to 2.2 tonnes. With Bigbelly, litter capacity has increased, productivity in the business has increased, the number of drains and the number of shipments has decreased – on the same surface as before.