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Trondheim expands bigbelly's smart recycle bins after successful pilot project

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There are now solar-powered trash cans in Trondheim that tells us when it needs emptying. The operation will be announced in the app and can drive there to clear!

After a successful pilot project orders now Trondheim municipality, 43rd Bigbelly in the model High Capacity who is solcellskomprimerande bins with modern technology for reporting of supplementary levels in each vessel without connection to the electricity grid.

By using the Bigbelly will now Trondheim minimize transport distances, unnecessary traffic and increase the productivity of operations for sanitation.

When the containers are closed, the content becomes less available for birds and rats. A problem with the open trash is that gulls and other birds pulls garbage and food scraps out of the container. This causes again pests to find food. With closed containers, there is also less odour from rubbish. – And even better when you don't need to see the garbage, "Sturla Reistad.

Another problem with open containers is that rain and snow falls along with debris. It has also been a problem that many throw private garbage from households in the public garbage can in the city. You can read more about the municipality's pilot project on link below!

We wish a warm welcome to Trondheim Bigbelly family – Platform for smarter spam handling!

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