Models 1

Bigbelly Smart Max

F.d. High Capacity
Models 1

Bigbelly Smart

F.d. Standard Capacity

Measure trash with connected trash cans

Bigbelly reads the status and fill level in each device, and then compiles the content of the connected cloud service.

In the cloud service Clean responsible receives compiled information on where, when and how collection can take place. A valuable basis for streamlining the cleaning operations and placing the right resource in the right place, at the right time.

Models 3
Models 4
Models 5
Models 6
Models 7

Build your sorting by area and needs

Create your own waste sorting that both society and operations can benefit from. Choose from different models, fractions and accessories. Everything between single station, double station and triple station. Bigbellys sorting is ideal around ports, parks, squares and shopping centres. 

The image shows an example of a triple station with HC/SC/HC configuration and has a garbage capacity of 1330 liters. This waste sorting is divided into residual waste, glass packaging and plastic packaging. 

Accessories that suit you

With innovation at its peak, we are constantly working to develop practical accessories. The vision to brighten everyday life for both visitors and businesses is within our reach. 

Design you Bigbelly As you wish

Change the message and color as desired or profile. Get your Bigbelly to blend into the surroundings with the desired texture.  Everything from wood, metal or marble. Or why not an elegant design with gold imitation? With doodle-protected foil, the possibilities are many. 

You can choose which images and text you want to use to share a message in the right environment. Get your Bigbelly in the desired 4 color. Everything from sparkling orange to neutral nature. What suits you?

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