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Intelligent lighting for the cities of the future

ActiveLights offers a diverse portfolio of lighting solutions tailored to different needs. Everything from solar-powered bollards to smart lampposts with IoT and presence control. 

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Smart poles

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IoT control system

Scalable light control

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Explore cutting-edge, smart lighting for safer outdoor environments.

With intelligent control and connection via radio communication, our products take lighting to a whole new level. Our products provide outstanding control and opportunities for remote monitoring and customization.

Light up the future with our smart IoT solutions and see how we can create a more efficient and sustainable lighting environment for you.

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kungslyktan park property

Public outdoor areas

ActiveLight's lighting solutions create safe and well-lit public outdoor environments. In parks, squares and on pedestrian and cycle paths, they also contribute to increased safety.
industrial lighting

Commercial and industrial areas

Our solutions are ideal for commercial buildings, industrial areas and parking lots. They save energy and reduce operating costs while providing reliable lighting for your business. 

terminal lighting

Transport and infrastructure

In the transport and infrastructure sector, our lighting solutions improve road safety both on roads and in terminals. They increase passenger comfort and safety, while creating a safe and well-lit environment. 

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ActiveLights IQ

ActiveLights IQ is flexible and energy efficient lighting with intelligent features such as presence control, wireless communication and motion sensors, suitable for municipalities, property owners and residential areas as poles or luminaires.

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ActiveLights Solar

By combining solar energy with on-demand technology, we have created a groundbreaking solution that not only eliminates dependence on electricity connections, but also minimizes unnecessary energy consumption.

Solar-powered bollards for outdoor environments
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ActiveLights Hybrid

ActiveLights Hybrid is a versatile lighting solution that combines solar energy and electricity with smart presence control. It is flexible and adaptable with different luminaires and offers IoT connectivity for advanced monitoring and control.
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ActiveLights Connect

ActiveLights Connect is a powerful platform for smart time-saving services such as operational monitoring, traffic data and energy efficiency. It integrates smoothly with other systems and offers features such as presence management, remote control and air quality measurements, enabling intelligent lighting and monitoring of traffic and environment.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

The sensors detect a range of 5-8 meters. Upon movement, the light turns on and three posts ahead, or illuminate the entire path ahead. The posts have programmable lighting scenarios and can be adapted for winter conditions (1-5 min). Statistics on passages and lighting time are collected.

  1. The motion detector detects when someone is approaching and the light pole lights up.
  2. When the person passes the pole, the motion detector senses the direction.
  3. The post sends wireless signals to the three nearest posts to light them up too.
  4. The result is clear lighting that follows the pedestrian or cyclist.
  5. When the person has passed the pole, the light goes off again.

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Lumen (lm) measures the total luminous flux of a light source and represents all visible light in any direction. It is used to compare the total light output of light sources. Lux (lx) measures the light intensity on a specific surface and is brightness per square meter. It is used to assess the level of illumination of a place or surface. Lumen describes the total amount of light, while lux describes how much light reaches a surface. The same number of lumens can give different lux levels depending on the distribution over the surface. 

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Kelvin (K) is a temperature scale and unit for measuring the color temperature of light sources. It is used to describe how "warm" or "cold" the color tone of a light source is perceived. Light sources with low color temperatures, such as 2700K-3000K, produce a warm, yellowish hue, while higher color temperatures such as above 5000K produce a cold, bluish light. Color temperature is crucial for creating the right atmosphere in different environments and affects how objects and surfaces are visually perceived under the influence of light.

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A driver is an electronic component that regulates and delivers the right current and voltage to a light source, such as LEDs. Its main task is to adapt the mains current and voltage to the requirements of the light source. It can also adjust brightness, provide dimming and protect against overvoltage. Drivers are important for the efficient operation, extended life and adaptability of lighting such as LEDs. They vary in size and can be built-in or separate units close to the light source.
An astronomical clock is a watch that adjusts time and functions based on the positions of the sun, moon and stars. It synchronizes lighting systems, adjusting turn-on and turn-off times by using sensors, algorithms and astronomical data. By adapting to natural light changes, it creates energy-efficient solutions for outdoor lighting systems. It contributes to environmentally friendly lighting and improved safety and convenience. Astronomical clocks are often used in public spaces and can be physical or integrated into lighting control systems to automate the process and eliminate manual adjustment.
Transient protection with reference to 4kV line-line and 6kV line-earth is designed to protect electrical and electronic systems against sudden overvoltages. 4kV line-line means overvoltages between the phases of a three-phase system with voltage up to 4 kilovolts, while 6kV line-earth indicates overvoltages between a phase and earth up to 6 kilovolts. These protections ensure that appliances are not damaged by transients such as lightning strikes. By diverting surges, they reduce the risk of equipment damage and promote reliable operation.
IK10+ vandal-resistant glass is designed for high resistance to impact and vandalism. The IK10+ designation refers to an international standard for mechanical protection. With the IK10 level, the glass can withstand heavy stresses and is ideal for public areas with a risk of vandalism. The "+" after IK10 indicates even higher resistance. Made of strong materials, it can be laminated or reinforced. In summary, IK10+ vandal-resistant glass is high quality, designed for extreme durability, and offers extra protection and security in environments at risk of damage.
CLO (Constant Light Output) means "constant light output" and is used in some LED lighting systems. The feature keeps the light level constant over time by automatically adjusting the luminous flux to compensate for the gradual fading of LEDs. It is particularly useful where constant light levels are important, such as public places and offices. By avoiding dim or uneven light over the life of the light, uniform and reliable illumination is guaranteed. CLO technology offers high light quality and uniformity in lighting systems that can be crucial to the atmosphere and functionality of the space.
A mesh network in lighting is a smart technology where all lighting devices communicate wirelessly for reliable and energy-efficient control and monitoring, enabling remote control and reduced energy consumption.

Smart poles are advanced lampposts, independent of the luminaire, that are equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. These poles can be remotely controlled and monitored via a centralized platform, enabling energy efficiency and other smart features.

The benefits of smart lighting include: energy saving by adjusting light levels based on need. Remote monitoring and control for maintenance and operation. Automatic fault detection for quick repair. Ability to integrate sensors to collect data for smart city planning.

Yes, our smart lighting can be adapted to your needs. You can easily adjust the brightness, switch-on time via Connect software or via IoT online. 

Our smart IoT lighting saves energy by adjusting brightness according to need and time of day. This reduces unnecessary lighting and saves energy.
Yes, our smart lampposts and luminaires are compatible with different types of sensors, such as motion sensors, light sensors, sound sensors and air quality sensors. This makes it possible to collect data and adapt the lighting to different events and needs.
What do customers think?
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The manufacturer Leading Light, since 2023, is part of EWF Eco which launches innovations to shape a greener future. Together we strive for sustainability and innovative solutions. Find out what our customers think here. 

Göran BengtssonStreet engineer, Kungsbacka municipality
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Leading Light has good solutions to the challenges that can arise in the context of lighting. For example, ActiveLights Solar are excellent in environments where we are not allowed to dig or where cabling would be very expensive. This includes everything from bus stops and recycling centers to pedestrian and bicycle paths.

The luminaires are fantastic. For example, the light sensor is located on the underside of the luminaire. This means that dirt never gets stuck on the sensor, which easily happens when they are on the top. Instead, the lights are switched off for a few microseconds at regular intervals so that the light sensor can sense the light conditions in the location, allowing the lights to go up or down to the power level we want.

We will soon install 150 ActiveLights IQ along a pedestrian and cycle path in Särö. In fact, we use all Leading Lights products. They save energy, the environment, money and work really well.
Magnus RydProject Manager Electricity at Göfast Gruppen AB
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Leading Light are very good to deal with. Usually they have already discussed with the customer how the lighting should be at each location and then the luminaires are already pre-programmed when we install them.

If I want to fine-tune the settings, I just use the remote control, which is particularly useful when the LED luminaires are high up or in hard-to-reach places. To my knowledge, there is no other system on the market that communicates as sophisticatedly as ActiveLights IQ.

This is one of the reasons why we are now installing them in more and more places across the municipality of Gothenburg.
Patrik TellanderStreet/park manager, Street lighting in Mellerud
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Four years ago, we started looking at some different solutions to light up pedestrian and cycle paths in the municipality. The problem was that there were no cables along these roads and not having to dig would save us a lot of money.

ActiveLights Solar was the perfect solution, environmentally friendly and completely self-sufficient in energy. Three years ago, we installed the light bollards along a total of two kilometers of pedestrian and bicycle paths in the municipality. The system lights up front bollards when you walk or cycle in the dark and it works really well.

Many people have contacted us and told us how much safer they feel when they are out walking today. It feels very positive.

ASNU standard

It provides intelligent control of outdoor lighting with built-in presence sensors and radio communication, saving up to 40% energy. The ASNU system works locally and reduces light pollution. It is now an SIS standard (868 MHz) and was initiated by several Swedish municipalities and the Swedish Transport Administration. The wireless control system is called IQ and is available in different versions.

IoT and Smart Cities

Our luminaires, made with recycled aluminum, are fully recyclable. They withstand Nordic conditions with robust materials and meet high standards of durability and safety.

Circular sustainability

Our luminaires are durable and upgradeable. With over a decade in use, they prove their quality. Our timeless, minimalist design has remained constant since 2008.

Nordic conditions

Our luminaires, made with recycled aluminum, are fully recyclable. They withstand Nordic conditions with robust materials and meet high standards of durability and safety.

Projects and customer cases

Welcome to our archive of inspiring projects! Read on to delve into each project and discover how sustainability, efficiency and innovation have played a crucial role in our success. 

Energy efficiency

ActiveLight products use innovative technology to optimize energy use. The solutions include solar-powered options, intelligent occupancy control and the ability to switch between solar and electrical supply. This leads to reduced energy consumption and more efficient operation.


ActiveLights offers customizable lighting for different needs. With adjustable settings and schedules in ActiveLights IQ, combined solar and electric power supply in ActiveLights Hybrid and cost-effective solar lighting in ActiveLights Solar, their solutions are suitable for different outdoor environments and projects.

Environment and animal welfare

ActiveLights offers presence-controlled outdoor lighting with flexible lighting options such as red, orange, warm white and white. IQ luminaires strike a balance between human safety and the natural nighttime darkness of animals. 

Creating a smarter and more energy efficient future with ActiveLights

With its pioneering technology for presence-controlled and connected lighting systems, we are not only proud to reduce energy consumption, but also to set new standards for safety and comfort.

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